Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.


After he shared the promo cut “The Heart Part 4” and the official first single from the album, “HUMBLE.”, Kendrick Lamar liberated DAMN. in its entirety tonight. If you were following the events preceding the drop, you have probably gotten an idea of its sound thanks to LeBron James, who previewed it on social media a few hours ago. Either way, go listen to the LP, featuring Rihanna, U2 and Zacari, further below.

  1. BLOOD.
  2. DNA.
  3. YAH.
  5. FEEL.
  6. LOYALTY. (Ft. Rihanna)
  7. PRIDE.
  8. HUMBLE.
  9. LUST.
  10. LOVE. (Ft. Zacari)
  11. XXX. (Ft. U2)
  12. FEAR.
  13. GOD.
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  • Dopeman
  • Dopeman
  • Dopeman
    Fuck u kenzii what the fuck do know u bitch ass mother fucker Kendrick Lamar is dope as fuck
  • Zanka cole santana
    Humble is dope
  • kenzii
    Mehn! this album aint dope at all sounds like he been chased or sumthin i love Kdot buh this is depressin
  • DJBlyss420
    Thank you Kendrick... Bangin it out now
  • Shuga-millz SA
    Great album
  • koni
    jaram sie jak cybanik
  • Damn
    This is LIT Damn!
  • b.i.g
    he don't make music, he make history
  • Cyber ²³
    If u don't like this album from kl.u probably don't know what u want.u still trying to understand what type of music do u like.trap or rap if u like rap u at the right place if u like trap badluck ur lost
  • Marco111
  • Ethan
    The album is lit! Thanks for laying out this album
  • kung fu
    Keep hateing on a classic fuck outa here if u a hater
  • Aesop Rock
    one thing I've realized bout Kendrick he likes dissing other Rappers, since is so confident bout himself he should come underground and diss underground rappers ow man, he should come where Rap is really at the roots of it underground and let's see whether he will even last longer dissing underground rappers, but I doubt he'd lust any longer
  • LAMA
  • 28Th Svge
    @AC I have listened to B.O.B and Ray bands doesn't sound like Humble. B.O.B blends rap and pop. Get your facts right. Humble sounds like m.a.a.d city, flexin of meme-me and L Boog and Yan Yan, Get it?. Both MCs is dope and Kendrick did his thing. Dope LP.
  • MyG
    "AC"true that he taken b.o.b. style whole concept was his vocals an subject matter, but I do like this album at same time!! Can someone tell me why his taken shots at God? I'm just a God Fearing man an he sounds real wreck less even if your telling a story u don't got go there, I'm just sayin. Album Imo 3.5/5
  • Ac
    Im not hating but k dot u stole B.o.B style on this one! U never sang like u did on this. You will never be as great as B.o.B
  • Caesar
    let's be honest, we gon' over hype juss cos its an k.dot record, otherwise, Damn. is juss average...
  • King
    Element dawg!!
  • TDE
    We will b taking this down soon.
  • Howiesoblessed
    The All , that might b truth , layed out album thank u dot ! Mad progression truth about our lives
  • Chiko
    This ablum is dope
  • Wreckless
    For all the haters You's a bitch, your hormones prolly switch inside your DNA Problem is, all that sucker shit inside your DNA Daddy prolly snitched, heritage inside your DNA
  • king
    Who ever hates this album got bitch inside dey DNA
  • cath
    damn shit is too lit ...too much sauce
  • Mozambican boy
    It's more than clear that a new album is dropping tomorrow.
  • Mozambican boy
    It's more than clear that a new album is dropping tomorrow.
  • Lit M8
    This is straight fire 8/10
  • Fuck outta here wit dis shit
    TRAAAAAAAASSSSHHHHH! nah Jus playing. Sike jus playing again. TRAAAAAASSSSSSHHHHHH
  • Bob
    "I just cant fake humble because your ass is insecure" -KL
  • Jaw
    Thanks once again Viperial for another amazing Upload.
  • mtho
    Solid project. ...very solid
  • alenn
    Kendrick Lamar Full ::: t.co/8lxsqkN5sx
  • Zaddy
    I fuck with you my niggar! Album is sweet like pussy!!
  • Yesyesyes
    So fucking good, if you don't fuck with this you have shitty taste in music...
  • Mrtrans
    Can anyone do better...this is the kinda shit we call dope..feeling it straight from Nigeria
  • The All
    Amazing album, but you still have more research to do. You will never find the Truth in a book of Lies (Bible)
  • MNE3IN2I23N908
    YAH & FEEL are the only good ones.
  • 2Pac
    The real will live on forever. 16/04
  • hahaha
    this shit is so good and if you dont fuck with it, only your loss hahaha
  • 2Pac
  • bangs
    this shit bangs
  • 6eight
    I'm about to experience this "Damn" album
  • Jules Santana
    50 cent.......sit your ass down!
  • Jules Santana
    S/O from South Africa.........#MyNigga100%
  • 50cent
    Only good song on this album is God rest is pretty wack G UNIT
  • Donald Trump
    Solid 9/10 Album Rihanna track sucks...
  • Bada$$
    All Amerikkkan Badass is better.
    K DOT.............FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!
  • FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omg my speakers are burning...
  • Drake
    Better than my album
  • anie
    Get the album free here : copy link --- smarturl.it/LamarDAMN
  • L.Mewtwo
    4/10 at best
  • Sam
    Get the album free here : copy link tiny.cc/KendrickLamarDamnAlbummp3
  • meh
    Looks like he's having a hard time topping good kidd mad city... This is pretty meh. Fans will still eat it up tho
  • king
    Fuck the haters this is album of the year***
  • Neyms
    His best
  • Araii24
    Straight up Fire!
  • MartinMeke
    Work of Art. And the versatility on this album is just insane. I smell 4 Grammy's
  • Jessica.Basquiat
    Okay this album is too dope yo...I thank whoever leaked it...K-Dot is such an OG
  • trash is your momma
    The best lyricist, best rapper of our generation
  • Jay z
    King kendrick best rapper Alive
  • AD
    8/10 my nigga Kendrick kills the game muthafuckers
  • trash
    boring as usual
  • Album Of The Year #Lit
    Album Of The Year #Lit
  • king Kendrick
    When my album leak,s my fans still buy it
  • mj
    Instant mother fucking classic
  • Ac
    He jacked B.o.B style listen to GOD
  • LTD
    fuckkk it you guyz are amazing!!! carry on with the good work
  • Dance.Around.My.Name.
    god DAMN.! thank y'all it's fixed now!
  • umerah ken
    kendrick d king
  • Dance.Around.My.Name.
    god DAMN.! thank y'all it's fixed now!
  • Dance.Around.My.Name.
    Links of tracks 9 to 14 are broke FIX EM. DAMN.
  • Xxxt3tion
    Fuccckkk drake fffuuuccck lil yatchi i fuccked the motherfucking boat kendrick lamar i the best and DAMN is soo lit fuck more life
  • GOAT
  • Doornuld
    He keeps getting better as time goes on... The whole industry on a ice pack right now
  • Duckworth
    just another mediocre album... lil yatchy is way better... BOAT is life
  • Adrian
    His best album so far
  • Ha ha ha
    Aoty theres no competition for him
  • Kweku Kendrick Sarkcess Dickson
    This is more than an album. A writer full of wisdom. K. Dot is the Greatest of this generation... DAMN.it
  • hype
    The perfect album with all rap songs that every rapper could relate to. soldiers "DNA" born inside the beast big ups to K.dot cause he's the king
  • Matthieu Massaad
    Shit this album is good! it's pretty "damn" good!
  • The_Optimum
    The best album so far, waiting for more #BeHumble, fam stop talking sh!t.................
  • Kobby Shady
    That's what I'm talking about! Hip hop's back!
  • Kaz Bangs
    Damn album so litty.
  • Bill MONNEY
    Kendrick Lamar is the GOAT!
  • Gocho
    Bom álbum lamar
  • John obiero
    Not his best but still Worth the hype
  • asad
    I remember where I heard this beat selection/ flow style. It's similar to Andre 3000.
  • asad
    It is okay, not his best but still good. I feel like I heard this beat selection from somewhere but can't remember.
  • Andy
    Piece of Art right here, originality, informatively and innovation just goes a long way
  • Bini
    That 's just perfect
  • Anonymous
    This album is the perfectly balances Beats and Lyrics.
  • me
    Ok so i downloaded the album and gave it a listen. I decided to look up the lyrics for each song, but on the lyrics website "genius" LUST. has a whole nother verse. Yet the song does not have it. It seems to really go with the song as well and actually makes more sense to have it
  • Joseph
    To be the man you need to shut up and Liston more
  • Joseph
    To be the man you need to shut up and Liston more
  • José
    To be the man you need to shut up and Liston more
  • Bob
  • Angel
    Fuck a hater bruhh this album straight gas
  • José
    Its the best
  • stunna
    can't complain on 100%.. on point like a perimit.
  • Skrt
  • king kunta
    you need to fuck with the album more than once before u trash talk the king..
  • Zie
    I got your back kendrick
  • ABc
    And some retarded Niggaz say he's the greatest...Lmfao..Nigga this is pure trash!
  • jeff
  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Not TPAB, but still fucking fantastic (except LOVE) keep kicking ass Kenny!
  • Sheperd
    Kunfu Kenny dropped another classic.
  • doesntmatter
    well this was disappointing..
  • Johnny boi
    Never mind not fake 100 100
  • DC
    Hey Ac, BoB is the biggest piece of shit in the game. You and his "Magic in me" ass can fuck off!
  • Johnny boi
  • Hip-hop
    To: Ac Wtf are you even talking about? He ain't jack nobody's styles he's got his own. Stop hating
  • Parisbattles
    Straight fire
  • Ac
    He Ain't king he jacked B.o.B style
  • KendrickIsKing
    He is King of the rap game. Don't @ me
  • dwnlds.co/a75af0a
    Kendrick Lamar DAMN Album
  • Honest fan
    No ... No replay value
  • Ac
    People still buy music?
  • Sioux Da Great
    Westside bompton Piru!!!
  • Sioux Da Great
    Westside bompton Piru!!!
  • Ac
    What I hear that u straight up jacked B.o.B style! Wtf Bro. Sing now too huh???
  • 'Q''
  • YungBlessed
    Why is this shit taking so long to play
    Ain't no one risking their freedom. Shut your scary ass up!
  • whomst'd've
  • Ac
    Song with U2 IS STRAIGHT FIRE!
  • K. DOT
    If you're a "real" fan you're risking your freedom and illegally downloading this unofficial leak
  • K. DOT
    If you're a "real" fan you're risking your freedom and illegally downloading this unofficial leak
  • K. DOT
    If you're a "real" fan you're risking your freedom and illegally downloading this unofficial leak
  • K. DOT
    If you're a "real" fan you're risking your freedom and illegally downloading this unofficial leak
  • Ac
    Sooooo disappointed!!!!
  • GOD.
    Ya motherfuckers better cop his physical CD, don't be leaking shit. He is your idol right? So him right
  • tde
    not the official version, there's two albums this is the red pill to the real album that is yet to be released 4/14/17 .
  • Mmk
    This album brought the smile on my face. this album is phenomenal
  • vom
  • Tommy L.
    This shits so amazing! His best album.
  • Cornelio
  • hannahwhorepants
    this is fire baby!!! suck my BOOB
  • Chiko
    He is back legend
  • str8nutz
    thanks brah for coming through with the download!!!
  • wavy J
    Thank You KING KENDRICK!
  • Penis man
    This Penis is fire
  • Instagram:@griffinthepurplemonster
    its tooooooooo hot type shit
  • makaveli
    Man im late. Shit doesnt work
  • white nigger
    He snapped on DNA..
  • John
    dopefile is messing up
  • yoooooo
    DNA bruh
  • Nik
  • manganime
    not very good so far
  • Wawie
  • TheGods
    Real Hip Hop Is Still Al!!!!!!!!!!!ve
  • jay rock
  • mr305
  • skhu
    The greatest
  • HD The Visionary
    This shit is a fire
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